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Age is just a number. But what if you could reduce that number?

You actually can — if you pay attention to your biological age, rather than chronological age.

What is ‘chronological age?’

Your chronological age is the number of years you’ve been alive or the number of birthdays you have celebrated. It is the amount of time that has passed from your birth to the given date.

What is ‘biological age?’

Your biological age is how old your body seems or how old you really appear. It is influenced by your genetics, lifestyle, nutrition, environment, and medical conditions.

Why biological age is more important?

Chronological age is not a very good indication of how well a person might be aging. Two individuals born the same year might have different risks for developing certain age-related conditions – because they are aging at a different rate, even though they are the same chronological age.

Everyone ages at a different rate. Some people seem to age very rapidly, while others experience aging at a much more gradual pace. We've all experienced meeting someone for the first time who appears to be much younger—or older—than they really are.

That is why you often see a person who appears and acts younger than they really are, and that is why it’s important to pay more attention to your biological age than your chronological age.

What is exciting is that unlike your chronological age, which you can’t do much about except to accept get older and wiser, you can reduce your biological age with healthy lifestyle and better food habits.

How can you reduce your biological age?

Reducing your biological age is no longer a fantasy; it is now a fact proven by clinical trials. As per research, people can reduce biological age by more than 3 years in only 8 weeks through epigenetic reprogramming of genes.

Through epigenetic regulation of gene expression, you not only dramatically reduce your biological age but also increase your lifespan (how long you live) and healthspan (the quality of your life).

The best part is that you can do it naturally without using any drugs. In other words, without using any drugs, you can achieve the genetic expression of a younger person and reverse your biological age through anti-aging foods and lifestyle modifications.

What are anti-aging foods?

Anti-aging foods are rich sources of epi nutrients (also known as DNA methylation-supportive nutrients) that your body can use to alter your epigenetic marks.

In other words, anti-aging foods contain naturally occurring bioactive dietary compounds such as beta-glucan in whole grain oats, tocopherol in peanuts, sulforaphane in broccoli which have been demonstrated to modify the epigenome leading to beneficial health outcomes. Diets high in these epi-nutrients can rapidly nourish our epigenome and unlock our full potential.

For example, eating peanut butter that is high in tocopherol on a regular basis as a part of your overall healthy and balanced diet can help you reduce the effects of aging and get more youthful skin. Tocopherol is famous for its potential anti-aging benefits and has been in use to support skin health for more than 50 years. Many (perhaps thousands) research studies have shown that tocopherol can stop or even reverse the damage that free radicals cause to the DNA in skin cells.

How can you get anti-aging foods?

We can provide you anti-aging foods that turn back your biological clock so you can slow down or even reverse your epigenetic age. All our products are specifically developed to deliver the nutrients that maximize your genetic potential to delay aging.

Not a single product of ours is made with the use of ingredients that make you age more quickly such as added sugar, preservatives, hydrogenated fats, artificial colors, or any food chemicals. Whenever you shop with us, you can rest assured our products are totally healthy, without any junk.

Our products are most suitable for people above 30 years of age who want to reduce their biological age and live younger longer.
Here are the anti-aging foods that we offer:

  1. Anti-aging Peanut Butter
  2. Anti-aging Almond Butter
  3. Anti-aging Whole Oats

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