What You Get

Any diet app can tell you to eat less and move more.

StayWow® is different.

It is NOT a diet app.

It is a Lifestyle Change app.

There is no question about it, if you want to get rid of excess fat permanently; Lifestyle Change is the only solution.

Overfat is generally lifestyle-related problem. No pills, supplements, fast diets, creams, machines, garments, or gadgets can help you solve lifestyle-related problems.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Lifestyle Change is the only miracle cure that can actually work.

There is no alternative to lifestyle change.

As a result, StayWow offers a Lifestyle Change Program.

StayWow Lifestyle Change Program is based on guidelines prescribed by the Indian Council Medical Research (ICMR).

It is designed exclusively for Indians, considering their genetics, food habits, psychology and lifestyle.

The program runs for 90 days and follows a structured curriculum.

Once you are in the program, you will get:

Lifestyle Management Course

Learn lifestyle management by changing your own lifestyle.

Master the art of making lifestyle changes through real-life learning.

Rather than simply understanding a lifestyle management theory, practise the theory and establish a lasting behavior change through direct experience.

Taught by an experienced panel of behaviour change specialists, this course will enhance your ability to make wise choices every moment, every time, and every day.

Upon completion of the course, you will learn a systematic approach to lifestyle modification strategies with real-world training.

If you meet the minimum requirements for successfully completing the course, you will be eligible for the certification.


  • Gain in-depth knowledge and skills you need to make lifestyle changes.
  • Ceate a solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle with the experience-based learning method.
  • Get actionable ideas that can immediately be put into practice.
  • Sharpen your skills and build your expertise through practical experience.

Personal Coaching

Receive unlimited coaching from consultants.

Just as in sports at Olympic Training Centres, athletes have access to nutritionists, fitness coaches, and sports psychologists to assist them as they strive for their goals, we at StayWow too, provide a dedicated health team of experts during the program period in order to help you create a sustainable lifestyle change.

Your Health Team® will include:

  1. Qualified Dieticians
  2. Behaviour Change Specialists
  3. Fitness Coaches

Lifestyle Change Plan

Receive a personalized plan that EXACTLY suits your needs.

On the first day, we will gather information about your goals, food preferences, heredity history, childhood obesity, lifestyle habits, current fitness level, body measurements, and other body facts.

Within 30 minutes, our experts will design your personalized lifestyle change plan.

Your lifestyle change plan will include:

  1. Nutrition Plan
    A nutrition plan will be designed based on your body's nutrition need. Our experts will match your 'nutrition need' with 'nutrition intake' via day-to-day Indian food items like roti, sabzi, and dal-rice. They will outline what you should eat, how to prepare it, when to eat and how much.
  2. Tasty Healthy Recipes
    You will have access to tasty healthy recipes that are suggested in your nutrition plan. We at StayWow, believe that eating your favorite food should be a part of your nutrition plan, so that you can stay motivated to stick to it for a long period of time, perhaps forever.

    Our in-house team of dieticians has created 500+ ‘healthier versions’ of yummy food items so that you don't have to say goodbye to your favorite dishes.

    For example, we have modified food items like pizza, pav bhaji, vada pav, etc. and have given a healthier twist to them so you can enjoy the taste without worrying about getting fat.
  3. Workout Plan
    A step-by-step workout plan will be designed based on your fitness goal, current fitness level, the body areas that you want to primarily focus on for improvement, type of workout you want to do (in gym/home), number of times per week you want to exercise and the time you want to devote per day to exercise.
  4. Exercise Videos
    You will have access to exercise videos that are suggested in your workout plan. You can exercise videos to learn how to do each movement with proper technique.
  5. Sleep Plan
    While the sleep plan will be designed based on your typical, natural sleep pattern in the recent past.

Emotional Counselling

Fat is an emotional issue.

Negative thinking, emotional eating, sugar addiction, negative self image, stress, overeating, laziness, procrastination?

What made you gain fat?

Eliminate the root cause with professional guidance.

Our Behavior Change Specialists will help you deal with the issues that caused you to gain weight in the first place.

You are free to consult our behavior change specialists as many times as you want.

Plus, we pair you with exerts one-on-one so that you get their undivided attention.

Daily Follow-up

Stay into the rhythm of your new lifestyle with our daily follow up.

The rhythm of daily actions creates the momentum that brings success.

By building momentum, you will create a new lifestyle in which you are more productive, more effective and more efficient.

Every morning, you will be given a list of tasks along with a goal score. For every task you complete, you will earn certain points. Your aim will be to achieve the goal score by completing the given tasks. And, when you succeed in reaching your goal score, you will achieve your Perfect Day.

It is okay if you can't finish all the given tasks. You are supposed to complete as many as you can. Our experts will review your daily tasks by the end of the day.

Personal Feedback

Better yourself day by day with nonstop teaching - learning process.

Based on your ability to finish daily tasks, our experts will get to know your habits and divide them into three groups: Strong, Medium, and Weak Strength.

To help you understand better, our experts will assign colour codes to each group. For instance, Blue is for Strong habits, Red for Medium strength habits, and Yellow for Weak habits.

Our experts start with medium strength habits at first because they fall in the middle of the road between the strong and weak. Hence, the chance of becoming strong is high for the medium-strength habits category.

To help improve your medium-strength habits, our experts will write you feedback addressing your specific behavior change issues, reading which; you can recognize your weaknesses and improve your behavior accordingly.

All you need to do is give your 100% effort to develop your medium strength habits.

Meanwhile, if you need any habit-building related help; you are free to consult our experts for personal coaching as many times as you want. Our experts will help you transform your habits from medium strength to strong ones.

Dedicated Success Manager

Stay on track with your personal success manager.

A dedicated success manager will be allocated to you so as to ensure consistent progress.

Success manager is your single point of contact for all your non-academic queries.


StayWow runs 16 check-ups during the program period.

  • Primary Assessment on the 1st day
  • Ten Day Assessment on the 10th day
  • Nutritional Assessment on the 8, 18, 40, 54, 70 and 80th day
  • Fitness Assessment on the 14, 28, 44, 58, and 74th day
  • One Month Assessment on the 30th day
  • Two Month Assessment on 60th day
  • Three Month Assessment on 90th day

Result Trackers

Eliminate guesswork. Get a clear picture of your progress.

  • Habit Tracker
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Progress Picture Tracker
  • Lifestyle Status Tracker
  • Milestone Results

Realistic Results

Many weight loss apps claim to have magical diets and advertise them as an easy route to fairy-tale results.

In most cases, their business model rests on exploiting gullible people.

If you are looking for a 100% genuine way to reduce fat, StayWow App is made for you.

StayWow does not promise any fairy-tale results.

If you follow the program honestly, you can achieve the following realistic results:

On day 10:

  • Increased self-trust
  • Improved nutrition
  • Increased energy

On day 30:

  • Increased strength
  • Increased endurance
  • Increased mobility

On day 60:

  • Improved sleep
  • Improved skin
  • Improved posture

On day 90:

  • Improved body shape
  • Improved overall look
  • Improved lifestyle

Money Back Challenge

If you don’t see results, get your money back!

Give us your ninety days. We bet you will see the best results possible.

And, we are so sure of it that if at the end of 90 days, you are not satisfied with the results, you will get 50% of your money back.

We will help you make lifestyle changes in a way that is purely performance-based, meaning if you don’t get results, we don’t get fully paid.

We will coach you for 90 days and make sure that you get the result to your reasonable satisfaction. However, if by the end of 90 days, you are not satisfied with the results, we will refund you 50% of the program fee, no questions asked.

To be eligible for this money back challenge, you must commit to follow the program for a period of 90 days without any break and achieve at least 72 perfect days.

You are protected by our money back challenge.

Get started now, risk-free.