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My go-to-'Daily' multivitamin supplement- Nutrilite Daily


December 25, 2016
Amway Nutrilite Daily - 120 Tablets

The importance of supplements cannot be denied in present times when almost everything we eat lacks assurance on purity. Supplements are not medicines. While medicines contain chemicals and are taken to 'cure' an ailment; supplements are derived from natural sources and are taken as preventive measure for long term health benefits, without any side effects. Today most vegetables and fruits are being grown using harmful chemicals and pesticides, post which they are in cold storage for much longer time before reaching the customers. As a result , their nutrient content depletes much and they are not so beneficial to our health. Amway is a renowned brand and this product will ensure that you get your daily dose of 13 essential vitamins and 11 essential minerals (the ones your body cannot make and depends on external sources for). Take one tablet everyday, with meals, for better results. It can be taken by anyone (above 12yrs of age) and over the period of time you would be able to feel a difference in your overall health and immunity. I have been taking this since last 3+ years and needless to say I have been benefitted and strongly recommend this to all.

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