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House Of Cards - Book Review


November 21, 2016
House of Cards

Sudha Murty is one of my favourite Indian authors. The book "House of Cards" reminds you that money is not the answer to everything. Money might have the power to purchase anything under the sun but not human emotions. It exemplifies how money and power can change a person and his perspective towards life. The book is a simple, gripping and a soulful narration. The book is about a woman and her relationship with her family. It portrays a very simple picture of the complicated Indian family. It gives a glimpse of how a woman sacrifices so many things still at times doesn't receive equal importance and equal respect in the family and how women are often dismissed in Indian households. What is interesting here is how the woman in the story decides to take a stand for herself which at the end helps the man in her life realize her worth! Some thought provoking, beautifully written lines: "If you concentrate and learn, acquire knowledge and skill, then that is real talent. If you run after money more than work, then money will run away from you. If you acquire skill, money will run after you." "A best friend is one who tells you the bitter truth." "Change is the only constant. Changing according to one's circumstances is essential." "I can make a stone talk, but not a stone-hearted person." "Every person is an island. You need a bridge to connect two islands. That bridge is called relationship." "Money is a useful tool. It's like a knife - you can either kill a person with it or you can cut an apple. It's up to you to decide how to use it." "It's better to be out of the frying pan." "Weddings are a gossipmonger's paradise." "When the daughter becomes a young woman, she becomes a friend to her mother but the son becomes a stranger." "People respect successful people. You keep your focus on your goal and work towards it. Remember, there are no permanent friends in life. Instead, the more successful you are, the more enemies you have." "Nothing is black or white in this world. The cow gives milk for its calf. But we drink that same milk. Isn't that wrong? Trees have life. But we cut them down and use their wood. Isn't that wrong too? Mosquitoes and bugs are also living creatures. Don't we kill them because they trouble us? A big fish always eats the small fish. Is that right?" "You should be simple, but not a simpleton. In a sacrifice, its a goat that is always chosen - not a tiger." "The main reason for unhappiness is disappointment. Disappointment disappears with detachment. Detachment come through knowledge and knowledge is gained by dhyana. So you should learn the technique of dhyana." "Every woman wants to change her life but no man understands how. He showers his wife with gifts that he likes but not with what she wants." "A true leader leads with affection and not power."

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