About Us

StayWow Health Care LLP, a lifestyle change company, combines the power of technology with the empathy of professional and experienced coaches to deliver successful behavioural change program at scale.

Rather than relying on strict rules and fad diets that are difficult to maintain, StayWow offers a personalized lifestyle change program that seeks to understand individual motivations and obstacles to guide clients toward sustainable behaviour change.

StayWow’s direct-to-consumer lifestyle change mobile application has reached more than 2 lacs of users worldwide and is aiming to reach much more milestones ahead.

Our mission

Help Indian people develop a healthy lifestyle through behaviour change


We envision a future where each of our clients is making positive lifestyle choices and living a healthier lifestyle, adhering to eating healthy throughout life.


We offer a personalized lifestyle change program that helps people develop a healthy lifestyle through behaviour change. We work with clients to help them create healthier habits, reduce their risk of chronic health problems, reverse disease, and foster healthier relationships with themselves in the process. Rather than relying on strict rules and fad diets that are difficult to maintain, we run a personalized lifestyle change program that seeks to understand individual motivations and obstacles to guide users toward sustainable behaviour change. Instead of focusing on fad diets, we focus on empowering clients to create healthy habits that last a lifetime. We instil a psychology-based approach to reprogram minds to build healthier habits faster.


Our program is designed exclusively for Indians, keeping in mind their genetics, food habits, psychology and lifestyle. It is for men and women who are in the age group from 18 to 69 with no medical condition.

Product Availability

StayWow is a 100% mobile application-based lifestyle change program that is available on play store and app store.

Expected Results

Our clients follow a step-by-step 90-day program and successfully achieve their milestones for 10 days, 30 days, 60 days and 90 days. Throughout 90 days, we walk with them, guide them step-by-step, motivate them when they are down, and make sure they achieve desired result.

Here is the milestones-wise list of expected results from StayWow Lifestyle Change Program:

On day 10

  • Seen visible results
  • Increased self-efficacy
  • Increased energy levels

On day 30

  • Increased strength
  • Increased endurance
  • Increased flexibility

On day 60

  • Improved physical appearance
  • Improved skin quality
  • Improved overall fitness

On day 90

  • Accomplished goals
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Established self-reliance

Money Back Challenge

At StayWow, we believe that a program should be judged by how well it works. That's why we work with our clients in a way that is purely performance-based, meaning if they don’t get results, we don’t get fully paid. We coach our clients for 90 days and make sure that they get the result to their reasonable satisfaction. However, if by the end of 90 days, they are not satisfied with the results, we refund 50% of the program fee.

Clinical Trial

Before launching the All-New StayWow app for commercial use, a clinical trial was conducted on a test group of 1000 Indian men and women in the age group from 18 to 69 with no medical condition to measure the impact of the StayWow Lifestyle Change Program.

The purpose of this study was to determine if an internet-based lifestyle change program will be effective in improving the lifestyle of Indian people. In short, the goal was to evaluate the effectiveness of the StayWow Lifestyle Change Program.

The study lasted for 90 days and included personalized nutrition routine, daily tasks, training course, exercise program, sleep tracker, habit tracker, and one-on-one coaching service.

Here’s the outcome of the clinical trial 2018 of StayWow Lifestyle Change Program performed on a test group of 1000 participants

  • 913 participants (91%) saw a noticeable difference in just 10 days.
  • 887 participants (89%) increased strength in 30 days.
  • 869 participants (87%) improved physical appearance in 60 days.
  • 866 participants (87%) improved overall fitness in 60 days.
  • 861 participants (86%) improved skin quality in 60 days.
  • 841 participants (84%) completed the program successfully.
  • 832 participants (83%) increased self-esteem in 90 days.
  • 807 participants (81%) accomplished goals in 90 days.
  • 95% of participants who completed the program accomplished their goals.

The StayWow Story

2010 – The Beginning
Shivang wanted to provide a platform for fitness bloggers where they can share content to educate people about a healthy lifestyle and StayWow.com was born. Soon, popular fitness bloggers started sharing articles, videos, diet plans and workout programs on StayWow.com

2015 - Fitness Social App
Our StayWow app made its first appearance as a fitness social networking app where fitness freaks from around the world went gaga over it and started sharing their fitness related photos, inspiring each other.

2016 – Personalization
When it comes to fitness, one size doesn't fit all because each of us is different with unique habits, lifestyle, and motivation. Hence, we decided to focus on providing personalized support to each individual.

2017- New Concept
We came up with the concept of “Personalized Lifestyle Change Program.” The idea of offering a truly personalized program that considers an individual’s psychology, current lifestyle, food habits, fitness level, sleeping and other body facts, revolutionised the StayWow app completely.

2018 – Clinical Trial
A clinical trial was conducted on the test group of 1000 Indian men and women in the age group from 18 to 69 with no medical condition. Surprisingly, 95% of participants who successfully completed the program were satisfied with achieved results.

2019 -  Lifestyle Change App
With the combined power of technology and the empathy of experienced coaches to deliver successful behavioural change program at scale, StayWow app makes it to the market with a brand new avatar, bringing about a healthy lifestyle change in the lives of the people.

What led us to start the company:

The explosive growth of food delivery apps like Swiggy, Zomato and Uber Eats in India gave birth to the idea of StayWow.

In 2017, Shivang Patel realized that people are just eating whatever is most convenient, and this is causing huge negative effects on public health. He noticed that his parents had gradually developed the habit of eating outside food, every Sunday. Food ordering via food delivery apps on Sunday has almost become a ritual at home. As soon as Shivang recognized that food delivery apps are slowly destroying his parent’s health and diet, he decided to do something about it and there came the idea of creating a lifestyle change app which will help his parents as well as others to develop a healthy lifestyle through behaviour change. Fast forward to 2019, when the StayWow app was launched, his parents were the first two customers, followed by thousands of others today.

Food delivery apps encourage millions of people who use mobile apps to habitually consume more takeaway meals. Such a trend will eventually change our Indian culture from eating homemade food to eating readymade food and this will certainly cause an adverse impact on public health. Well, they are not to be blamed entirely as it is our uncontrollable urge to simply order and eat even if we are hungry or not that has led to the craze of food ordering more.

While food apps may claim to showcase some healthy food choices in their menu, this kind of culinary revolution has only nurtured a sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle; thereby encouraging outside food ordering and destroying the choices of healthy eating.

Which is why the future of healthcare companies particularly lifestyle change companies is bright. With over 50% of the Indian adult population in mega-cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore or Chennai being overweight or obese and living a sedentary and busy life, the lifestyle change app becomes an important member of the allied health continuum.

How company benefits you:

With StayWow, you will:

  • Drop body fat %
  • Replace bad habits with better habits
  • Achieve the best weight possible in the context of overall health
  • Get hold of leading a healthier lifestyle independently
  • Learn a systematic approach to lifestyle modification strategies
  • Meet all your nutritional requirements via day-to-day Indian food items like roti, sabji, and dal rice.
  • Eat every 2-3 hours - that’s 6 times a day, and still achieve your goals.
  • Drastically improve your physique and fitness levels in 90 days.
  • Boost your inner strength and become more self-confident.