How Can You Break Your Weight Loss Plateau?

Coach Sapna on November 05, 2016

This article will help you in understanding the dynamics of a stubborn weight loss plateau and provide you solutions to overcome it.


At times it’s hard to lose weight when you hit the “unbreakable” plateau after months of success. Around 80 percent of the times it is because you are not balancing your calorie intake and calorie burn. The rest 20 percent have some issues and solutions to consider.

Why Is It Difficult To Break Weight Loss Plateau?

Before I tell you some really effective solutions for breaking your weight loss plateau, you should know some very important facts.

Your Weight Loss Will Slow Down Gradually

It is simple mathematics. A woman whose weight is 70 kg, she loses 1% of her body weight fat per week she would lose 0.7kg fat per week. If she gets down to 60kg weight, her fat goes down to 0.6kg, which is again 1% of fat loss.

Gradually if we see, her weight loss as and when decreases; the weight loss percentage will decrease, slowing down the weight loss process.

Losing Weight Is Difficult When You Reach Your Goals

When the weight loss speed is slowed down, your body starts working hard to store some fat in you. You become leaner. That way, your capacity of decreasing fat through exercises becomes harder than what it used to be.

Metabolism Drops Of Your Are Starving

Balance nutrition is must if you are on a weight loss diet. A 90kg guy who eats less than 1000 calories per day will find it difficult to match up to his workout levels due to unsatisfying metabolism.

There Is Always Sugar Included In Your Diet

Even if you strictly follow calorie diet, sugar intake will be there. Your body releases a hormone called insulin when your sugar intake is high. These hormones send a signal to fat cells for storing fat. The case is much more complex in when it comes to insulin resistance when your body ends up storing more fat, in spite of you being on a balance food calorie diet.

Let's Break the Weight Loss Plateau

Follow a Strict Diet

Follow a diet which is stricter on the amounts of carbohydrate and sugar. Follow a balance nutrition diet with strict consumption towards carbohydrates and sugar intakes. Carbs when are broken down into glucose, it is used to for energy. With carbs intake being low, the body looks for different ingredients for energy will force the body to use fat instead of such carbs. That way, the fat is converted into fatty acids.

The same time, such fat is also converted into ketones that are responsible for keeping your body in a metabolic state. That stage is called ‘ketosis’. Here, the body starts burning fat instead of carbs.

What to Include in Your Balance Food diet?

The solution for this is eating vegetables or proteins like fish, eggs, spinach, sprouts, and chicken.

What Not To Include in Your Balance Food diet?

Focus on staying away from carbs. Avoid bread, pasta, roti, rice, cereals, potatoes, alcohol and beans.

A Sample of a Balance Nutrition Plan:

  • Breakfast – Omelette (4 eggs). Add onions, tomatoes, peppers and whey protein.
  • Lunch – green salad with lentils soup (Indian Dal) or grilled chicken with a whole avocado
  • Dinner – Lentils curry with vegetable soup of spinach (preferably steamed) or salmon

This plan has almost 1500-2000 calories. In case if you need more calories, include more food items without any carbs or fat.

Do Heavy Workout

To maintain an energy balance, it is necessary to workout with intensity as you are consuming a heavy balance nutrition food.

CCC – Calorie Creep Control

I believe the calorie creep and weight loss plateau are interrelated. Subconsciously, you sometimes eat more calories than you think you are eating, like mindless eating from restaurants, consuming sauces, huge portions of spreads and dressings, etc. Approximately, 90% of the weight loss plateaus are created due to calorie creep. It arises due to a decrease in metabolism from your weight loss regime.

Choose Your Food

One should be alert about your calorie limits and then choose a restaurant to eat and enjoy foods. Instead, prefer eating foods in your home. You can make a restaurant menu food with high fiber, and high protein ingredients by looking up the recipes online. Make sure, you do not end up eating late night.

Start To Lift Some Weights

Losing weight by just cutting calories will not give you best results in time. Doing cardio is good. But by just doing cardio is not enough as the muscle mass is not affected. This will drop your muscle ratio and you will end up hitting a plateau.

The truth is that you burn more calories if you have more muscles. Working on weight training and compound exercises help shape your muscles, thereby makes you lose more calories.

Hormone Imbalance

If none of the above-mentioned reasons work, then there is a major issue that forms weight loss plateau. They are your hormones. Polycystic ovary syndrome, insulin resistance, a thyroid disorder, etc. are some issues that can cause a weight loss plateau. Consider taking advice from an endocrinologist for medical help.

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