Positive Thinking Techniques When You Have Lost All Your Motivation

Coach Sapna on November 05, 2016

A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success.


By giving just a little more effort and persistence to your fitness regimes, what previously seemed to be a failure may turn into a rewarding success. I started the journey to know how to be fitter by enrolling myself in aerobic classes. About a month later when I stood on the weighing scale I was really shocked to find that my weight was the same as before! I felt all my efforts went in vain. I didn’t find continuing with my weight loss journey to be of any real value. This is when I remembered the ‘weight loss plateau’ article I had read a while back. I felt hope was returning to me. The positive thinking tips contained within the article helped me reassess my position on the journey towards better health and form. If the journey that I just talked about sounds familiar to you as far as your own journey is concerned, then remember the following positive thinking techniques that can get you back on track when the going gets tough:

Efforts are never wasted

Even after being consistent at your efforts if you are not getting desired results then STOP and rethink what you are doing. Closely examine the route you have adopted to reach your goal. It is possible that you are working in the wrong direction or you are not putting the required efforts.

Some things are not in our control

It is not in the human capacity to be able to control everything! Things will go out of control. Accept it and do not worry about it. Instead, channelize your energies into tasks that are in your control.It is not in human capacity to be able to control everything! Things will go out of control. Accept it and do not worry about it. Instead, channelize your energies into tasks that are in your control.

Get into the ‘ACTION’ mode

At times, it is not the task that is difficult but the fear of failure that makes the whole process difficult. Instead of constantly worrying about what the outcome may be; just plan, prepare and do it.

Build a positive attitude

Our mind is replete with numerous thoughts- some positive and some negative. The most powerful thing you can do against discouragement is to swap a negative thought with a positive one. Read more positive affirmations that will help you get enough motivation for the time being.

Take each day at a time

We usually stress more on the errands that are to be done in the future. Instead, wake up each morning and remind yourself about what needs to be done that day. Be consumed by only that day. This will add life to your days and meaning to your work.

Change is the only constant

Nothing remains constant forever. Embrace change. When your routines are dissolving due to family pressures, you might feel like you are on a free fall. At these times, take care of yourself. Cultivate the ‘don’t know’ mind so that you are able to see the world from a fresh perspective. It is at that time, that you discover the opportunity waiting in disguise.

Have faith in a super power

Call Him God or a super power; but an unshakeable belief in it would give you strength to face the toughest of situations. I am not talking about any miracles and neither am I talking about elaborate rituals; but I believe in the power to abandon fear and make your mental state peaceful.

Every experience is a learning experience

If life is a book then there is no guarantee that you would enjoy reading every chapter. There would be some that may be interesting and some quite boring. But the better of both will keep us hooked up and curious to know the upcoming chapters. Every experience in life teaches us something new, something that adds to our maturity and sensibility.

No bigger strength than your family

Put all your worries and problems aside, and talk to your family. A family does not judge; it only loves. Spend time with your loved ones and you would be filled with a remarkable zeal. Stay away from toxic people as much as possible. There are several smart ways to handle toxic people, learn how to wield them purposefully.

Accept failure and move on

Can anything be worse than failure? No. Denial will only add to the frustration. Just accept it and move on. If your attitude is good while you work towards your goals, the journey becomes enjoyable. No matter what, just believe in yourself and keep trying hard. Don’t forget the positive thinking techniques and motivational thoughts mentioned above!

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