• Lose Weight
    Lose fat while preserving muscles.
  • Get Sculpted
    Go for total body sculpting.
  • Gain Weight
    Build muscle and increase strength.
  • Maintain Weight
    Eat and train for optimal fitness.

Efforts are never wasted

Even after being persistent with your efforts, if you are not getting the desired results, then STOP and reflect. Closely examine the route you have adopted to reach your goal. It is possible that either the efforts are in wrong direction or perhaps you are not putting the desired amount of efforts.

Some things are not in our control

It is not in human capacity to be able to control everything! Things will go out of control. Accept it and do not worry about it. Instead, channelize your energies into tasks that are in your control.

Get into the ‘ACTION’ mode

At times it is not the task that is difficult but the fear of failure that makes the whole process difficult. Instead of constantly worrying about what the outcome may be; just plan, prepare and do it.

Build a positive attitude

Our mind is replete with innumerous thoughts- some positive and some negative. The most powerful tool against discouragement is being able to choose a positive thought over a negative thought.

Take each day at a time

We often find ourselves thinking, planning and stressing over errands to be done on a future date. Instead, wake up each morning and remind yourself about what needs to be done that day. Be consumed by only that day. This will add life to your days and meaning to your work.

Change is the only constant

Nothing remains constant forever. Embrace change. When your familiar routines are dissolving, you may feel like you are in a free fall. At that time take care of yourself. Cultivate the ‘don’t know’ mind so that you are able to see the world with a fresh perspective. It is at that time, that you’d discover the opportunity in disguise.

Have faith in a super power

Call Him God or a super power; but an unshakeable belief in it would give you strength to face the toughest of situations. I don’t believe in miracles but I believe that faith has the power to abandon fear and put your mind & soul to peace.

Every experience is a learning experience

If life is a book then there is no guarantee that you would enjoy reading every chapter. There would be some that may be interesting and some quite boring. But the combination is what keeps us hooked, keeps us curious to know what’s in the chapters ahead. Every experience in life teaches us something new, something that adds to our maturity and sensibility.

No bigger strength than your family

Put all your thoughts, worries, stress aside and have a heart to heart chat with your parents/siblings. Family does not judge; it only loves. Spend time with your loved ones and you would be filled with a remarkable zeal.

Accept failure and move on

Can anything get worse than failure? No. Denial will only add to the frustration. Just accept it and move ahead. If you can keep a good attitude while working hard towards your goals, then the journey would become enjoyable. No matter what, just believe in yourself and keep trying hard.

Bottom Line: Motivation is an inner driving force; do not let the circumstances in life, set off that fire within you.

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Written by Megha Agarwal , PGDM from Kirloskar Institute Of Advanced Management Studies | PGDHRM from Symbiosis | Graduation in Microbiology (Hons) from Delhi University
Marketing enthusiast by profession, with the love for interacting with consumers to understand their psychology towards any brand/product. Through my articles, I intend to help all those who are looking for inspiration and happiness in life.

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