Should You Turn to Mango for Weight Loss?

Coach Sapna on November 05, 2016

Check out what mangoes are good for.


Fat-Free, Salt-Free, and Cholesterol-Free: Eat Mango for Weight Loss Contrary to popular belief mangoes have 0% cholesterol, 0%sodium, and only 1% fat. Even if you were to eat mangoes daily, they will not make you fat. Thus, one should eat a mango for weight loss. For example, if your diet were to include 3 mangoes to supplement your calorie intake, it would not affect your weight.

Stay Within Your Limits: Calorie Limits

  • The one primary thing to remember is that you must not exceed your daily consumption of calories and daily sugar intake
  • If your calorie intake is more than what your body needs daily then you are bound to gain weight.
  • But if you were to stay within your daily limit then there is a little-to-no chance of gaining weight.
  • Additionally, you can eat healthy food with mangoes rather than less-healthy food.

Daily Mango Limit

You should at least eat 2 or 3 mangoes a day as they are good for your health. Calories-wise, a ripe mango that is medium in size will have 135 calories. So, one your meals can be replaced by mangoes, if you are eating 5 meals a day. Thus, you can have your own mango diet plan for weight loss.

Best Time to Eat Mangoes

The best effects of mangoes can be seen when they are eaten 30 minutes before you are about to start your workout. The reason is that mangoes being an energy food will give you energy as they are high in carbohydrates with almost 15% of an entire as carbohydrates.

Why are mangoes healthy snack?

Mangoes are not only rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin B6 but also copper, potassium and Vitamin A. In addition to being fat, cholesterol and salt-free, they are also rich in iron. Along with the above-mentioned nutrients, they are also rich in fiber and are loaded with complex carbohydrates.

Craving for Sugar? Mangoes to the Rescue

Mangoes being naturally sweet help in curbing the craving for sugar. Thus, providing you rich fiber with fewer calories.

Aam Vs. Aamras?

You should always choose Aam instead of Aamras as they both offer different nutrients. Mango extract would not contain fiber. Thus, it is devoid of one of the major benefits that mangoes offer.

Should you Eat Aamras that is not Homemade?

One of the best advantages of eating mangoes is less sugar and calories. But if you were to eat Aamras that has been purchased from outside, you will be robbed of the primary benefit of mangoes. Instead of fiber and low calories, you will get Aamras loaded with sugar and calories.

Mangoes: Control Your Cholesterol

As mangoes are loaded with fiber, Vitamin C, and pectin, they help you in lowering the levels of cholesterol. Additionally, potassium, a primary component that helps in controlling blood pressure and heart rate, is found in rich quantities in mangoes.

How to Select A Mango?

  • Looks can be deceiving, do not be swayed by color.
  • The mango should be squeezed gently.
  • Ripe mangoes are soft but not so soft that your fingers sink in.
  • If a mango has sweet aroma around the stem, it is ripe.
  • Mangoes smelling like alcohol are overripe.

Artificial Mangoes: Beware the Deceit

Calcium carbide is used by mango dealers to ripen mangoes faster. Such mangoes can cause adverse health effects and should be avoided. They are detectable as they have white and black patches on their skin.

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