Swine Flu Prevention And Causes

Coach Sapna on November 05, 2016

About 74 countries, including India, have been infected with Swine Flu symptoms.


Swine Flu is the disease caused to pigs. Swine influenza is affected by those who are in direct contact with pigs. But the correct cause for why humans get infected is because of H1N1 type virus. Swine flu is the disease that affects pigs while H1N1 is for humans. This is a deadly communicable disease that spreads like wildfire. It is contagious and is easily spread among people who are affected by it. A simple sneeze can affect a person with H1N1 symptoms. This swine flu symptom is also caused by just a touch of an infected doorknob, phones, keyboards, etc.

MajorWays to Catch Swine Flu

One can be affected by either

  • Through infected pigs
  • Trough infected humans

The symptoms of swine flu infect people as long as they are contagious. They last up to 7 weeks usually. For children, the effect lasts up to 10 days.

Major Swine Flu Symptoms

Swine flu symptom may look like regular influenza. Major effects of H1N1 symptoms include

  • Vomiting
  • A sore throat
  • Cold
  • A cough
  • Temperature (fever)
  • A headache
  • Tiredness (fatigue)
  • Diarrhea
  • Body aches

What Causes H1N1 Virus

H1N1 Virus is highly contagious. It is spread through saliva and mucus of the infected person. It can also be caused by sneezing, touching or coughing.

Measures for Swine Flu Prevention

Keep a Mask Handy

H1N1 symptoms are easily spread once in contact with a sick infected person. It’s best to avoid meeting people who are sick. If not, make sure you carry a face mask that covers your mouth and nose. Avoid physical contact with the person like touch, hugs, etc. and avoid going to crowded places as well. Make sure you maintain at least 6 to 10 feet difference between an infected person and yourself. Do carry an N95 respirator for extra protection.

Wash Your Hands

Using antibacterial soaps or hand wash would cleanse your hand from any unwanted virus that is unseen by the naked eye. Wash them for at least 15 seconds just to be sure. Avoid touching your mouth, nose or eyes without your clean hands.

Get a Good Night Sleep

A sleep of 8 hours helps regulate your immune system. Its best to have a comfortable sleep and complete rest as flu are highly spread across a tired and an uncomfortable body.

Drink Water

8-10 glasses of water per day are enough to wash out any toxins in your body. Keeping yourself hydrated is a must as your system will attain good moisture and maintain the mucus production in your sinuses.

Boost Your Immune System

A strong immune system will help in keeping the body nourished strong and ready to fight infection. Eating full nutritious diet helps.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol suppresses the resistance of you fighting the infections. The immune systems need to be strong enough to avoid such H1N1 symptoms instead of letting them into the body. Avoiding alcohol is one of the things that the doctor suggests first thing for swine flu diagnosis.

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