Smart Ways to Handle Toxic People

Coach Sapna on November 05, 2016

None of these suggestions are easy to apply but one can train the brain by trying again and again.


Till quite some time back I believed that only two kinds of people exist- good and not so good, till I witnessed some ‘toxic’ relationships and concluded that yes! people can be ‘toxic’. By definition, these are the persons who are really chaotic and confused in their lives and have the capacity to inject their mayhem& confusion in your life, and before you know they get control over your thinking. So how do you tackle such people and get rid of negative energy in a person?


For a toxic person, your presence in their lives is just to fulfill their needs. Remember, that they care least about you and you are replaceable for them. Such people mainly crave attention and would go any extent to suck you into their pointless drama. Assess such situations carefully and don’t miss a friend’s attempt to consult you with your feelings to that of a toxic person’s.

Get Thick Skinned

Not all of us know what getting thickly skin means. A person who is thick-skinned can differentiate between healthy criticism and toxic criticism. They do not let cruel remarks of toxic people bother them. One needs to be sensitive as well as strong and hence a balance between thin and thick skinned is the best to have.

Focus On Your Goals

As I said, toxic and negative people thrive on their negative emotions but the people who want to be successful don’t dwell on their negative emotions. They usually have a negative attitude towards the world.Instead, they set goals for themselves and canalize energy for achieving them. Never lose your motivation; there are Things to Remember When You Have Lost All Your Motivation.

Be Self Assured

There are many people around us who do not have our well-being at heart- why let their words affect our own sense of accomplishment. Know your potential, be contented with yourself and don’t pay attention to these people’s opinions.

Forgive But Not Forget

You forgive someone mainly because your peace of mind is at stake. Only an emotionally intelligent person, who does not wish to be burdened by the mistakes of others, can be forgiving.

Do Not Talk About Them to Anyone... Not Even To Yoursef

If you don’t want these miserable people to make way in your life then don’t talk about them to anyone. Better if you don’t think about them at all. Just think positive and eventually, positive thinking will eliminate their negative effects.

Raise Your Positivism

Toxic people like to spread negativity within them to the world, more the negative energy in a person, the more toxic he is. It is during such situations; one should remain positive and have faith that there is more to life than just this.

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