How to Get Rid of Cellulite from Thighs and Butts

Coach Sapna on November 05, 2016

That protruding bulge of body fat on the outside of your thighs and butts is definitely not a very good sight to watch. Remember the time when Kareena Kapoor was trolled for the cellulite on her thighs when a photographer sneakily captured her thighs? It surely become would have been embarrassing for her. Similarly, it can be embarrassing for us too.


Believe me when I say that you are among the majority if you have cellulite. If the facts are anything to go by, over 80% of women over the age of 20 have cellulite and none of them wants it. However, the good news is that you CAN get rid of cellulite or at least reduce it to large extent. Here is everything you wish to know about cellulite, and the ways to reduce the appearance of cellulite on your body.

What is Cellulite?

If you see dimples on your thighs and butts, don't feel happy, because they are at the wrong place. These dimples are nothing but cellulite - excess body fat that has settled there and is not ready to budge. Cellulite usually is the result of the underlying fat, which bulges up under the skin. Too many layers of fat push the skin upwards, creating a bumpy, dimpled look on the body parts.

What Causes Cellulite?

Usually, the formation of cellulite takes place in the areas with the least blood circulation. This fat is relatively hypoxic, which means it is starving for oxygen. With decreased blood circulation, you get less oxygen and nutrition to that area. This process decreases the production of collagen, hence giving a chance to the fat cells to expand and become larger. They become apparently protruding through the collagen, eventually known as the ugly cellulite.

Why Do Women Get Cellulite More Than Men?

There are two major reasons why women are much more likely to develop cellulite than men:

1. Men have a much thicker epidermis – the very top layer of the skin  
A thicker epidermis makes male skin much more resilient to structural change and dimpling, which protects it from cellulite. On the other side, women have a thinner epidermis, which exposes it to lumpiness and disfiguration.

2. Male and female skin is fundamentally different
Female fat cells sit within large, side-by-side, separate compartments that form columns underneath the skin’s surface. Female fat cells have no choice but to expand vertically. At this juncture, fat is usually pushed upwards building a great pressure on the surface of the skin, which eventually results in tiny fat bumps called cellulite.

Factors That Influence Cellulite

  • Genetics
  • Hormones
  • Smoking
  • Poor diet
  • Crash dieting
  • Slow metabolism
  • Sedentary lifestyle

Do Herbal Creams, Thigh Creams, Surgery - Really Work?

Unfortunately, there is no 'miracle treatment' or 'quick fix' for cellulite. The heartbreaking fact is that there is no scientific evidence which shows that cellulite can be reduced using various techniques. However, a rigorous butt & thigh workout can come to the rescue and help to reduce the cellulite in extreme cases.

How Can Cellulite Be Removed?

However, the ways to prevent cellulite are:

Drop body fat percentage

The first thing to do to get rid of cellulite is to burn the fat. Most importantly, you need to give up on the junk food and adopt a healthy diet that maximizes protein and healthy fats. Sugar is a strict no-no.

Increase blood flow to the lower body

The major ways to increase blood flow to an area are to move that area and to heat that area. Exercise (cardio + strength training), and butt & thigh exercises do both, and so does massage. A good scrub supports circulation. Brush your body or apply upward strokes in the direction of heart for fat dispersion. Also, a strong-handed massage on butts and thighs, if done regularly, will help in melting the fat.

Build the muscle underneath

Weight training is the only form of exercise capable of strengthening muscle and tightening the connective tissues of the body and the only effective 'cellulite exercises'. Essentially, one needs to practice a lower body resistance-training program that focuses on core muscle growth and strength. Barbell squats, sumo squats, overhead squats, deadlifts and walking lunges are highly recommended three times a week to get rid of the cellulite.

Wear loose-fitting underwear or thongs:

Tight underwear with tight elastic constricts blood flow around butts and thighs, which speeds up cellulite development.

Stop smoking:

Smoking can affect the appearance of cellulite. The smoke weakens and disrupts the formation of collagen by reducing the flow into the blood vessels. It allows the connective tissue to become stretched and damaged so cellulite appears more easily.

How to Reduce Cellulite If You Are a Skinny Woman?

Cellulite happens to women of all shapes and sizes. Surprising though it may seem, thin women with underdeveloped butt and thigh muscles too can have cellulite. For them, strength training is strongly recommended as flaccid muscles can make the cellulite quite apparent in these parts of the body.



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