How to Do a Bicep Curl: Bicep Exercises Guide for Beginners

Coach Sapna on November 05, 2016

Here's everything you need to know about bicep exercises.


Who doesn’t want big biceps? Most men are inspired to work out by looking at the bodies of other fit men, and the one thing they can clearly see is the sculpted biceps. Well, bicep curls are the best way of achieving such sculpted biceps. Curling weights is one of those easy arm exercises at the gym that everyone does, but very few do it right. There is a proper technique to carry out every exercise – so that it is safe and reaps desired benefits for you.

How you should do it?

Bicep curls are divided into two main categories. These different categories also have many different ways to do them too. The two main divisions are – the barbell bicep curl and the dumbbell bicep curl. It is always a good idea to exercise both the bicep curls. Though, there is no restriction on which should be done first and it doesn’t really make much difference with the order of both.

One major point which can be used to distinguish between both the types of exercises is – the dumbbell training makes use of both the arms in separate ways while with the barbell training, heavy weightlifting is used. If you are suffering from an imbalance in the strength of your arms, dumbbell training can work in favor of you.

Strength imbalance signifies that your one arm is either stronger or weaker than the other. The dumbbell training can help you in removing that imbalance between both the arms.

Which are the muscles which get worked out in bicep curls?

The muscles used in the bicep curls are usually one group of muscles because this is an isolation exercise. These muscles are known as Bicep Brachii. Because this is an isolation exercise, Brachioradialis are also worked upon.

How many repetitions and sets should you perform?

For a quick lesson, there is a type of fiber category which are known as twitch fiber. These type of fiber are made for endurance training. Another type of fiber category is IIA which is mainly for maintaining a medium intensity of power and speed. And then, there is IIB type of fiber which respond to a comparatively higher intensity of power and speed. This twitch fiber responds better towards doing low repetitions. Therefore, it is always a better idea of not doing more sets of many repetitions. Instead, do less sets which have higher intensity.

Weights and the frequency

This relates to what should be the speed and rhythm of your exercises. The speed required for lifting these weights, as mentioned earlier – should be the fastest. That is the only answer to do such type of exercises. Along with that, the exercise you are performing has to be done with a proper technique. A good technique is to start from concentric curl which is holding for at least 4 seconds while bringing the bar upwards. And then while bringing it down, which is known as eccentric part, hold at that position for 4 more seconds.

How to move it?

The position of the movements should be very proper. The technique is as important as the posture so that it doesn’t hurt you and makes it safe for you in a longer run. The barbells should be held while your palms would be facing up. The grip must be strong and the shoulders must be at quite a width. Your elbows must be tucked on to your sides. Push your chest outwards and pull your shoulders back. A deep breath must be taken while curling the weight towards you. Your hands must be in line with the collar bone. Give it a rest, then bring your weight down.

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