Is Losing 1 Kg Per Week Possible with a Weekly Diet Plan?

Coach Sapna on November 05, 2016


prepared for it. It’s not rocket science, to be frank. With the correct formulae and rules, one can easily play this game and lose 1 kg in just 7 days! It is simple. The key thing to concentrate is not to ‘lose weight’, but to create a ‘calorie deficit’. One could do that by creating a proper diet plan that includes taking less calorie engrossed foods, soup diets, etc. If this is taken seriously every day, you will end up burning calories more than your regular intake of calories. Let’s understand this in a simpler way through an example. If your daily calorie need is 3000 calories (calorie burning from your weight loss exercise and daily activities), then you should consider 2000 calories intake from your diet dailt. That way, you create a calorie deficit of 1000. (3000 per day calorie need – 2000 per day calorie intake = 1000 per day calorie deficit.

What to Do About Reducing 1kg per Week?

For reducing 1kg in a week, you need to create a total deficit of 7700 calories.

Hence per say, it will fall about 1000 calorie deficit.

That way, you will be able to shed 1kg in next 7-8 days


How many calories to consume by reducing 1kg per week?

Consider eating 1000 fewer calories than your daily calorie needs. That way you will see the difference in 1 week of reducing 1kg weight.

You can consider an online calorie calculator to calculate your daily calorie burning and daily calorie need.


Did You Know? There are lots of health snacks under 100 calories that you can consume for controlling daily calorie intake.

Please Note

The calorie intake for male and a female is different, irrespective of the same amount of calorie deficit.

A diet plan for men should not have more than 1600 calories intake per day and women, not more than 1400 calories per day.

I understand that weight loss will lead you to a better life, but one should not excessively overdo it by shedding more than 1kg per week. Concentrate on eating fewer calories and burning more.


Let’s see what a weekly diet plan includes women as an example.

Her current weight is 170 pounds. Her height is 5’3’’. She is 30 years old.

Her weight loss exercises include a cardio, which she does for 6 days, and strength training, which she does for 5 days.


Through putting these digits online, I calculated the following:

  • She needs 2,519 Calories/day to maintain her weight.
  • She needs 2,019 Calories/day to lose 1 lb per week.


With above example, we can say that her “daily calorie needs” is 2519. If she follows 1500 calories diet plan, her calorie deficit will be 1000 (2500 daily calorie needs -1500 calorie diet = 1000 calorie deficit). This way she will lose weight in 7-8 days.

But if her weekly diet plan is of 2000 calories, she would create a deficit of 500 (daily calorie needs - 2000 calorie diet = 500 calorie deficit). That way she will lose 1 kg in 14-15 days instead of a week.

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