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If you are in desperate need of some motivation, I am going to fix that problem, right here, right now.

It's common to start on a new diet with a burst of energy, then to lose your motivation to continue. The key to losing fat and building muscles isn't simply a matter of what you eat or how much you exercise - it's your “mindset”.

Change Your Current Mindset

Why do some people seem to lose weight easily while others fail year after year?

Is it genetics? Money? Willpower? While it’s true these may play a small part, there’s something else that has a much larger role. It’s "mindset". And yours may be holding you back.

What is mindset? Mindset is a belief about yourself and your most basic qualities. In other words, your mindset is like a muscle: the more you use it to both learn and focus on positive thoughts, the stronger it becomes.

What you need to do is, you need to recognize your fixed mindset thinking.

Does your mind produces these types of thoughts?
- “I have bad genes, there’s no way I can lose that much weight.”
- “What if I fail?”
- “I don’t have the willpower to stick with a healthy diet.”
- “I’m just not as smart/lucky/talented.”

Once you recognize a fixed mindset thought, you have a choice: believe those negative thoughts or reframe them.

For example:
- “No excuses this time … I’m getting started.”
- “If I fail, it’s okay. Great accomplishments don’t happen without risk.”
- “Forget diets. I’ll take it slow and making eating healthy a lifestyle.”
- “If I don’t know how to do something, I’ll learn.”

Find Your Transformational Trigger

When people come to me with the intention to lose weight, the first question I ask is: “Why? Why do you want to lose weight?”

Some people tell me I want to lose weight because:
- My boyfriend wants me to be “thin”.
- My parents are searching a groom for me so they expect me to reduce weight.
- I am getting married after 2 month and therefore I want to reduce around 10 kg.

I am sure you must have seen such people who lost weight just to get married and then once they have achieved their “real goal” of getting married, they are again back to normal with their old habits and their old weight.

Because such reasons may motivate people to lose weight for sometime but they don’t inspire or ignite a lasting change.

Your reason should have the power to be your transformational trigger.

I want to lose weight because: 
- I want to be a role model for my kids so I want to stay fit lifelong.
- I want to look younger and keep my body in good shape for all time.
- I want to play sports and I want my body to be fit and strong for life.

Always Carry a "Must List", Not a "Should List"

When people decide to lose weight, most of them carry a ‘should-list’ (things they should do): 
- I should lose weight.
- I should workout more.
- I should eat healthy.

But what they fail to carry is a ‘must-list’ (things they must do):
- I must lose weight.
- I must do strength train at least 5 days a week.
- I must eat right.

When you decide something “must” for you, an absolute must, you either find a way or make a way.

Raise Your Standards

I have lost 33 kg of my weight in one year with exercise and healthy eating (without pills, surgery or crash dieting). I am often being asked, “how did you stay motivated throughout your weight loss journey and even today how do you maintain your weight? What keeps you going?” My answer is: “My Standards”. I don’t accept anything below than what I have decided for my self. 

I strongly believe that each of us has a superhero within, what we need to do is raise the standards of what we expect from ourselves and strive to exceed it. If you don’t set the minimum standards of the quality of your life, you might settle for a mediocre life.

Whatever people have their identity attached to they live that way. If you believe you are lazy, you will act that way. If you believe you are a smoker, you won’t be able to quit smoking. If you believe you are a sugar addict, you will crave sugar and won’t control yourself. If you believe you are overweight, you will follow all the standards that will keep you overweight. If you believe you are fit and strong you will follow the standards that will make you fit and strong. We live who we believe we are. That’s how it works.

Look at your physical body. Your physical body today is a reflection of only one thing, not your goals, not your desires, but your “standards”. Your physical body today is a reflection of the identity that you have for yourself. 

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Written by Sapna Vyas Patel , PhD in Nutrition Science and Dietetics
Sapna writes simple, easy to understand articles that are based on pure scientific evidence. She is one of the most popular fitness professionals in India and is followed on social media by fitness enthusiasts, nutritionists, dieticians, doctors, trainers, and professionals.

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