How Many Whole Eggs Should You Eat A Day?

Coach Sapna on November 05, 2016


Eating eggs is healthy; the fact we have known since our childhood days. But, have you ever pondered upon the fact that how nutritious a whole egg is? After all, it has the ability to turn a single cell into a full grown, fluffy chicken! Talking about the nutritional value of protein in eggs - a large egg contains 77 calories with 6 grams of quality protein. Eggs are among the best sources of the essential amino acids. However, the yellow of the egg - yolk is high in cholesterol. Probably, that is the reason eggs have a bad name in the health-food market. A single medium-sized egg contains 186mg of cholesterol, which is 62% of the recommended daily intake.

How many whole eggs should you eat a day?

Science says that eating 3 whole eggs per day is perfectly normal and safe, especially for those who want to stay healthy. I eat 3 whole eggs per day after my workout session. 

How many egg whites should you eat a day?

Eat as many egg whites as you want; don't restrict yourself. An egg, a large one contains 6 grams of quality protein. So, if you want to take 30g protein from eggs, you can eat 5 egg whites to meet your protein requirement.

How to eat eggs safely?

Eating raw eggs can cause food poisoning, mainly because eggs may contain salmonella bacteria. These bacteria can lead to serious health issues. Although people who eat boiled eggs or lightly cooked eggs should not experience any health problems, cooking eggs thoroughly are the safest option and highly recommended too.

How to store eggs safely?

Storing eggs in a space away from other foods in a refrigerator is advisable. It is a good idea to use your fridge's egg tray because this helps to keep eggs separate. If you have a boiled egg that you want to keep in the fridge, consume it within two days.

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