GM Diet Side Effects: Read this before following it

Coach Sapna on November 05, 2016

GM Diet (General Motors Diet) is a one week program for weight loss management. This plan was developed for the General Motors employees in 1980’s. It was immensely supported by the U.S Food and Drug Administration.


The basic idea of GM diet is that it allows one to eat only selected foods for 7 days. The plan here is to make sure the body detoxifies and you lose weight quickly. The food item in the plan of one week is to burn calories more than your regular calorie intake. It revolves around the principle of including food items with high-fibre and low protein, fat, and carbohydrates. In this article, I will tell you what the side effects of General Motors diet are.

How Does It Work?

The GM diet works by concentrating on providing high fibre foods.

The food items are few in number and low in protein, fat and carbohydrates, that way you get quick weight loss because of muscle, fat and water loss.

Each day, you are required to have only 6 meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner with 3 snacks in between.

Look at the General Motors diet chart below for reference

Day- 1

  • Fruit (any number except bananas)
  • Water (no juices)

Day- 2

  • Baked potatoes 
  • Vegetables (Raw or cooked)
  • Water (no juices)


  • Fruit (any number except bananas)
  • Vegetables (Raw or cooked)
  • Water (no juices)


  • 8 bananas
  • Soup
  • 3 glasses of milk
  • Water (no juices)


  • Tomatoes
  • Brown Rice / Lean Meat
  • Water (no juices)


  • Soup
  • Vegetables (Raw or cooked)
  • Brown Rice / Lean Meat
  • Water (no juices)


  • Fruit juice
  • Brown rice
  • Vegetables (Raw or cooked)
  • Water (no juices)

GM Diet Side Effects

No Protein

The biggest downturn of GM diet is that the protein content present in the food items is just not enough. Protein is required in the body as it’s the basic bodybuilding block. It contributes to building muscle, skin, hair and connecting the tissues. The muscles are recovered, built and maintained with protein. It will keep you full for a long time. Hence you don’t feel hungry often and avoid overeating. GM diet has high-fibre foods in the plan. Fat carbs and proteins are the least nutrients you can get through this diet. This way you get quick weight loss through muscle and water loss. Lack of protein will lead to muscle weakness, muscle loss, hair loss, and dull skin.

GM Diet Affects the Performance

The program doesn’t support exercises. Hence, the fitness levels are low and it hampers the performance. Muscle loss and muscle weakness due to lack of protein will make you weak in your daily performance. You are strictly not allowed to have any dairy product, seafood, whole grains, or any protein-rich foods.

You might end up getting chronic diseases and such problems risk the possibility of cancer, osteoporosis and heart diseases. You lose muscles sue to less protein and fewer carbs mean your energy levels are low. Carbohydrates are high energy giving foods. It’s like fuel for your body. Within a day or two, you will notice low energy in you start looking dull.

GM Diet Could Lead To Metabolic Slowdown

Your food choices are restricted. You lose weight very fast and the major GM diet side effect is that your muscle starts breaking and you lose water too. Hence, it causes very slow metabolism. Once you stop your GM diet, you will gain weight as your metabolism is already affected.

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