If You Want to Know How to Be Happy, Never Do These 7 Things

Coach Sapna on November 05, 2016

Here's how you can make positive changes to your life and learn how to be happy - no matter waht!


Have you ever wondered why some people are always happy and cheerful, come what may? Then I may have an answer to that. There are some things they NEVER do.As I was returning home after work, I came across two ‘underprivileged’ kids playing near a construction site, enjoying the light drizzle and laughing aloud. It made me smile, looking at those bright and cheerful smiles. It also made me realize that happiness can be found in simple things.to know how to be happy, you don’t have to look for it – it comes from within! So, what do happy people have that others don’t have? Here're the things they NEVER do:

Depend on others for happiness

This is your life and only you are responsible for the choices you make. Situations in life may or may not favorable but your outlook towards them will make all the difference. You need to be emotionally self-reliant. When you have control over how you feel, you are less likely to give that control to someone else. Key to happiness is - shut your ears to the noises of the world and listen to that inner voice. A voice of your conscience that will always direct you to the right path. It’s only when you will love yourself wholeheartedly, will someone else love you.

Seek validation from others

Be yourself, without wanting to impress anyone or asking for approval. Would you behave differently if no one was watching? If yes, then that is how you should behave all the time. People do not have a right to judge you but if they still do then don’t worry because they’d never know the life you are living. Focus on your self-development and learning. Water the grass at your end and it would only get greener by the day. Be the best version of yourself.

Delve in the past

Your life is a story book and a disinteresting chapter should not make you want to close the book! Just turn the page and move ahead. Unpleasant experiences are like chapters of a book. Holding on to any resentment will never heal your pain. Let go. Happiness in life also comes by forgiving others not because they need it but because it is important for your peace of mind.

Mind others’ business

‘Insecurity’, ‘Lack of confidence in your own potential’ may make you worried about what someone else may be doing- it could be your ex, your batch-mate or your colleague. Instead, write down your dreams and put a date to them- make them goals and work towards them, step by step. These goals will give you a direction and any progress towards them will give you a sense of satisfaction & achievement – and eventually help you in finding happiness. You will begin to respect yourself.

Lead an un-healthy life

From what you eat/drink to when you sleep- everything forms a part of our daily life. Our body is like a place of worship so treat it with care and respect. Physical and mental health is inter-connected.

The 3 Cs: Crib, Complain, Criticize

As they say, “small minds discuss people…great minds discuss ideas.”  How can I be happy? How do you see yourself? Some things in life are not in your control, so why waste energy on them. The remedy is to focus your mind and thoughts on topics that will nourish your soul, help you become a better human being.

Take life too seriously

When was the last time you said yes to a spontaneous picnic plan? Or rode a bike just for sheer enjoyment? Don’t be so serious all the time. There is fun in spontaneity. These are all a part of positive thinking techniques. Look at kids, they are happy because they have no big plans. They set themselves free, relish every moment and are not afraid of being called silly.

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