Are You Worried About Your Child's Development?

Coach Sapna on November 05, 2016

When it comes to your children, you want to make sure they get the best in everything from education to entertainment. However, when it comes to nutrition, parents often get lost thinking that the food they serve is healthy. Little do they know, they are unconsciously making them obese and miserable.


Parents complain that healthy meals for kids are just shown pretty on television. Also, they blame television as the kids sit in front of a TV and get obese. But if you ask me, the blame is not the television or the advertisers. It is the parents. Children look up for their parents as a role model. With proper nutrition given with explanation and learning they surely more towards a positive child development. The bodies of kids are at the growing stage, which makes it obvious that they are not meant to be fat or obese. The focus should be on good health rather than supplying them a strict diet. I have pointed out some common mistakes that the parents do for making a good and healthy meal for kids towards their development and healthy lifestyle.

How to Get Your Child to Eat Healthy

Make a Habit

Like I mentioned, kids consider their parents as the role models. Over the years, they will be observing them, acting like them, and in no time eat like them. At this stage, they form a certain habit.

Making smart decisions like preparing healthy snacks for kids in between meals, familiarizing them with all the healthy vegetables, etc. will encourage kids to adopt it in their daily life and make it a habit. Make an example towards healthy eating and putting them in practice will help a child sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Limit the Sugar Food

Parents use a very wrong method on ‘rewarding’ the kids when a task is completed. They give chocolates to kids when they finish homework, they give an extra scoop of ice-cream when they do chores, etc.

Parents should find different ways to celebrate kid’s little successes. It’s difficult to get a kid come out of sugar addiction, as excess sugar releases insulin that gives rise to belly fat.

Don’t Force Your Kid

Whenever you prepare healthy lunch for kids, make sure you don’t force them to clean their plates. A child might not feel hungry based on his daily activity or the growth levels. Encourage them to go out and play. With that, they will get hungry and eat the healthy meals that you have prepared for them.

Treat Food as a Fuel

When a kid cries, you end up telling them “If you stop crying, I will give you chocolate”.

That might shut them up for a while, but what you don’t know parents is that encourages them to cry more the next time for better ‘sweet’. They make this a habit and you end up making your kid fat. Be hard on your kid once a while. Food is meant to be a fuel for the body, not a bribe.

Keep the Gadgets Away

Children love to play games. The technology, however, has made them like ‘video games’ more than physical games. Parents love their kids so much that they want them to be safe at any cost. Hence, they let them play indoors. While they are punching buttons in the gaming console, they get hungry and eat chips and biscuits. Hence, dinner plate goes unfinished. Encouraging physical activities like walks, cycle rides, etc.will make your kid hungry for food at regular dinner or lunch time.

Get an Authority

A child will get easily influenced by their favorite actors and actresses drinking cold drinks in a television advertisement. That is the point when you limit the TV to your child.

If they do, make sure you keep some healthy snacks for kids ready. Fruits can be placed for kids next to the television screens. They will eat them without question as they are concentrated on TV more than the food.

Display the Healthy Items

Educate your kids about healthy food and items. Display them in the refrigerator up front rather than back. Let them know the importance of the nutrients they eat. Keep junk fruit at bay and keep the healthy snacks for your kids ready.

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