Good Snack Recipes Under 100 Calories

Coach Sapna on November 05, 2016


Do you often get hungry between meal timings? It is the toughest to curb as you end up filling your stomach fully without realizing that it disrupts your actual meal schedule. Those hunger pangs might tempt you to eat a snack which might look good, but has high calories. Keeping away from food items like french fries, chips or biscuits with high calories is a good way to start. Choosing low-calorie snacks instead will help you get your mind off of such items. In this article, I will give you healthy snack recipes so that you stop making wrong food choices. These low-calorie snacks are great for munching between your meals if you feel the hunger.

Air-Popped Popcorn (3 Cups = 90 Calories)

Air popped popcorn helps you stay full for longer as it has high fiber. It's the same as regular popcorn. The only difference here, is that it does not have to be cooked in oil or butter.

You could get air-popped popcorn in a regular grocery store, or you could just make it at home. With simple corn cooked in a pressure cooker with nothing added to it but the heat, you get yourself a good snack.

Tomato Soup (1 Cup = 96 Calories)

Tomato soup has high nutrient content in it which makes it healthy enough to fight diseases. One cup of tomato soup contains almost 96 calories without any cholesterol levels. The saturated fat present in it is less than 1 gram, provided if the soup is limited to 1 cup only.

Walnuts and Almonds (Handful = 97 Calories)

Dry fruits like walnuts and almonds when consumed in between meals, will keep the hunger away. They fall under 100 calories category provided if the almonds are 14 and walnuts are approximately 8. They are rich in fiber and protein and are considered a great healthy breakfast if taken in the morning.

Banana Smoothie (1 Glass without Sugar = 95 Calories)

A banana smoothie is a great healthy snack recipe for consuming extra calcium and antioxidants on a daily basis. Especially in summers when the smoothie is made with ice, it becomes a refreshing and nutritious drink. Blend ½ cup of banana with the ¼ cup of yogurt and ice. It’s a good homemade energy drink to boost performance for workouts.

Whole Grain Biscuit with Coffee / Tea (1 Cup Coffee/Tea = 100 Calories)

Coffee and tea, when taken with minimal sugar per cup, give you a high boost in energy level due to their caffeine content.

Whey Protein and Water (1 Glass = 100 Calories)

Human body has a requirement of nine essential amino acids. Whey contains all of these nine amino acids, which makes it an easy and convenient high-quality protein source. Whey can act as a fast digesting protein for quick meal munchies. Just add a spoon of whey protein of your flavored choice (strawberry or vanilla) to one glass of water.

Boiled Sweet Potato (1 = 98 Calories)

Sweet potatoes are a great source of carbohydrates and are highly recommended after a workout. They are hypoallergenic and act as a good snack for athletes and bodybuilders who want to store their energies. The body fat is minimum as the starch present inside the sweet potato helps in building, repairing the muscle mass.

Instant Oatmeal (25g = 100 Calories)

Oatmeal is also a good source of carbohydrates when consumed between meals. It is digested slowly by the body, which provides constant energy for hours. Instant oatmeal is easy to make and a quick snack as well.

Boiled Egg (1 Egg = 78 Calories)

A boiled egg with both, yolk and white, is considered to be an excellent healthy snack as it provides micronutrients and protein. When consumed in the morning, it is considered as a healthy breakfast option that fulfills energy needs.

Cheese Cube (1 Cube = 80 Calories)

Protein is one of the best nutrients that can be consumed in the form of a mid-day snack. Cheese cube is a good source of protein. With one cube (25g), you consume 80 calories and almost 5g of protein.

Banana (1 Medium Size = 100 Calories)

Banana is a great source of fiber and natural fruit sugars. It gives constant energy and is best considered as a low-calorie snack when consumed between meals. It provides stamina and increases the endurance for long running.

Fruit Yogurt (100g = 100 Calories)

B12 is the vitamin which is minimum among vegetarians, since it is mostly found in fish and chicken. However, it is easily found in yogurt. Apart from that, it acts as a good snack when taken in between meals since it gives proteins and calcium as well. What’s more? It could be eaten as a dessert too.

Whole Wheat Bread with Green Chutney (1 Slice = 85 Calories)

Whole wheat breads have lower calories and are absorbed slower than flour breads in the body. Hence, the digestion of such snack will take longer, making you feel full for a long time.

Fruits Like Papaya/Watermelon/Apple/ Orange (200g Papaya / 300g Watermelon / 1 Apple / 2 Oranges = 100 Calories)

Fruits are natural sources of sugar and fiber. They have a lower content of sodium and fat as well. The cholesterol level is almost zero, which satisfies your hunger with low calories.

Smoked Salmon/Grilled Chicken (85g Smoked Salmon Slice / 50g Grilled Chicken = 100 Calories)

Fish, chicken, and meat are great sources of proteins. They help in burning fat, improve immune systems and help in muscle maintenance. Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which helps in decreasing inflammation in the body.

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