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Few years back, I was a fat girl. I was fat because of my unhealthy eating habits and lazy lifestyle.
My group of friends tend to be a pretty non-judgmental bunch, but sometimes even the most progressive of them would slip up and accidently say some pretty hurtful stuff.
Even friends with whom I was extremely close would occasionally make very hurtful remarks about overweight people that I am supposed to chime in and agree with.
Whatever your intentions be, these comments are pretty rude things to say to or in the presence of your overweight friends. 

So here is a list of things to NOT say to your overweight friend. 

1. You are FAT.

2. Has anyone ever hit on you? I mean... just thinking if you'd be slimmer, you could be sexy.

3. You shouldn't eat that.

4. You are not fat. You are gorgeous.

5. Girl, you’re hot no matter what. 

6. Are you sure that you’re really gonna eat that much?

7. It's okay to be plus size but you have such a pretty face. 

8. Have you gained weight?? 

9. Why don’t you try smaller portions and eating every 3-4 hours? 

10. Dieting is for unhappy women who worry about their looks. That’s not you.

11. You are not that fat. Guys like it if their girl is kinda chubby.

12. You would look better if you were healthier.

13. I am not sure if we'll find something for you but let’s go shopping at BEBE. 

14. You know… my aunt lost 20kg in 2 months.

15. You should be a plus-size model.

16. It’s okay to be plus-size as long as you don’t have fat rolls.

17. If you lost a few pounds, your acne would clear up, too.

18. At least being bigger means you have bigger boobs, too!

19. This shape of glasses will work best with your round face.

20. It’s okay to be overweight, honey, men like women with curves.

21. Have you ever tried shapewear?

Never call a girl "FAT".

Never call a girl "fat" even if you’re joking, even if she is not your friend, even if you hate her, even if she hates you, even if you love her, even if she loves you, even if she is not popular, even if she isn’t nice to you, even if she is not pretty, even if she isn’t a nice person and even if she bullies you. 

Don’t make someone feel insecure and self conscious just because you want to make yourself feel better. Never call a girl “FAT” because you never know how far she’ll go to be the opposite. 

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Written by Sapna Vyas Patel , PhD in Nutrition Science and Dietetics
Sapna writes simple, easy to understand articles that are based on pure scientific evidence. She is one of the most popular fitness professionals in India and is followed on social media by fitness enthusiasts, nutritionists, dieticians, doctors, trainers, and professionals.

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