Indian Food that Burns Belly Fat

Coach Sapna on November 05, 2016

Indian food is tasty. But when it comes to weight loss, they are least considered as good food.


In this article, I will mention some good alternatives that you can use as a substitute in your daily food intake that concentrates around Indian diet. These substitutes are tasty as well as highly nutritional. They have few calories in them and can be easily customized for healthy eating. They help to create a calorie deficit so you reduce overall body fat percentage. And you reduce your belly fat area.

How to Reduce Tummy Fat?

Homemade Paratha Instead Of Biscuits: Paratha contains whole wheat. It has high fiber and iron instead of the biscuits, which contains added sugar and Maida.

Milk Instead of Juices: Calcium helps bones become strong and give density to it. 99 percent of your body calcium is present in bones and teeth. Such high calcium is seen in milk. Having about 8 ounces of glass, you get about 300 milligrams of calcium.

Vegetable Juice Instead of Fruit Juice: Fruit juices have high sugar content in it. They have high calories and the nutrition level in them is low as compared to vegetables.

Whole Wheat Bread Instead of White Bread: To adopt healthy eating, consider brown bread instead of white ones as the nutrients like fiber content are high in them. Digestion is improved and that way, you facilitate weight management.

Roti-SabziInstead of Fried Food: Roti and sabzi have high nutrients compared to fried foods. It is satisfying and the protein in them makes you stay full for longer. Fried foods contain empty calories and are full of saturated fat. It is considered as one of the best food that burn belly fat.

Idli Sambhar Instead of Vada-Pav: Vada-Pav may taste absolutely delicious but it contains oil, butter, and Maida. Sambhar is full of lentils and protein, which gives you energy as well as make you stay full for longer. Also, Idli helps you store energy which way, you can have a great workout for losing belly fat.

Rice Instead of White Bread: Rice is high in carbs that provide instant energy, stabilize blood levels, regulate bowel movements slow the aging process and give vitamin B1.

Vegetable Soup Instead of Cream Based: Clearwater soups, mixed vegetable soups, minestrone and fresh tomato soups are healthy options rather than those ‘delicious creamy ones’. The nutrient content in them is higher as compared to the later.

Brown Rice Instead of White: Brown rice is better than the white one if you want to include rice in your food diet is because the fiber content in a brown rice is much more than that of white rice. One bowl of brown rice will give you more fiber than that of white rice.

Whole Wheat Pasta Instead of White Pasta: Whole grains, like discussed, give more fiber and nutrients. Including them in your daily diet is the best way of adopting the healthy eating habit.

Dark Chocolate Instead of Milk Chocolate: Dark chocolate is good for you as the sugar content is much less when compared to that of milk chocolate.

Air Popped Popcorn Instead of Potato Chips: Potato chips have high saturated fat. Air popped Popcorn have about 80% less fat in them and the fiber content also is about twice than the chips.

Yogurt/Curd Instead of Ice Cream: Yogurt contains Vitamin C and Vitamin B12, which is healthier than the ice cream. Having a scoop of yogurt as dessert is better than having a scoop of ice cream.

Lemon Water Instead of Soft Drink: Lemon water promotes weight loss, clears skin, removes toxins, freshen the breath, boosts the immune systems, enhances moods, etc. It is also considered as a best post workout drink as it regulates the sugar levels. 300 ml of soft drink will contain 8-10 spoons of sugar, which is more than that of your regular daily sugar intake.

Hot Cappuccino without Sugar Instead of Cold Coffee: People consider cold coffee for its sweetness. No doubt coffee is good for you, but not at the cost of sugar high sugar levels. Coffee contains antioxidants that improve your health. Caffeine is a psychoactive nutrient that gives health benefits in regulating the heart rate. Starting from a hot cup of coffee with less or minimal sugar and moving to a cup of coffee with no sugar at all is good for you considering a healthy eating diet.

Fruit Smoothie Instead Of a Milkshake: Milkshake has high calories content in it. With high sugar, the belly fat will not go away. Natural fruit smoothie will have fruit nutrients in it. Fruits contain natural sugar; hence, it is advisable to have fruit rich smoothie.

Eat Whole Fruit Instead of Fruit Juice: Juice might give up all the nutrients in one glass in liquid form, but it is not as fulfilling as a whole fruit itself. It’s better to eat a fruit instead of drinking it. It contains more fiber than a glass of juice.

Whey Protein Shakes than Energy Drink: Energy drink might claim that they help in energizing your body after a workout, but they do not inform you the sugar content in it. Instead, having whey protein in your diet will make you more energetic. Whey protein is helpful in providing you the highest level of protein possible. With 30g of whey protein, you get 23g of protein with 120 calories. Whey is the first preferred supplement provided by the nutritionists on how to reduce tummy fat.

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