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“I want to get into shape, but I don’t have time to workout.” 

This is no-1 excuse for not working out and one of the top lies that you tell yourself. The truth is that either you don’t have enough will to do it or you are putting something else before your fitness.

Like everything else, you need to decide that fitness is a priority. Nothing else is more important than your health. It’s up to you, because it is always a choice. The rewards of working out are tremendous. Better fitness. Better looks. More self-confidence. Ask yourself, “How badly do you want it?” 

Here are the most promising strategies to fit fitness in your busy life.

Get started with simpler, less time-consuming workout program.

Crossfit is a training program that builds strength and conditioning through plyometric jumps and Olympic lifts. It is a training philosophy that trains people of all shapes and sizes to improve their physical well-being and cardiovascular fitness in a hardcore yet accepting and encouraging environment. The program is structured in such a way that participants are challenged to do a certain number of repetitions in a workout in a specific time frame. It is the best workout training program for busy people like you who just need to invest 30-45 min per session, 3-5 days a week.

Treat your workout like a meeting with your most important client, or your child’s birthday.

Schedule your workouts on your work calendar just like other important work. Alert all the business colleagues, friends and family members that you are unavailable during this hour. Turn off your phone or at least the ringer so your workout isn’t interrupted.

Hire a coach.

Have you ever seen people at your gym who have been going to the gym for years and haven’t changed one bit? Left to their own devices, most people will avoid hard work. A coach will challenge you and focus on building your weaknesses. Find a coach who can play the role of helping you manage your nutrition, physical, and mental game. 

Get some nutrition advice and improve your eating habits.

Yes, exercise is important. But, for busy, high-stress people wanting to drop weight or get back in shape, nutrition is the most important key. 

Have a Workout Partner.

Working out with a friend can be a great motivation factor. You are more likely to make it to the gym if you know that someone else is there waiting for you. You won’t just be letting yourself down, but your partner, as well.

If you are travelling, always pack workout bag with gym clothes, shoes, deodorant etc.

Instead of plopping on the bed after a day of work in your hotel bed, throw those clothes on and go find the hotel gym. Having workout clothes staring you in the face will make you much more likely to use them. 

Master the micro-workouts.

Bodyweight exercises, Tabata training, High-intensity interval training and running are all great choices. These exercises don’t require much time and preparation and still they accomplish significant physical gains in a short period of time.

Buy a treadmill and be active while watching TV.

Instead of sitting in a chair while watching TV, walk or run on the treadmill. You can easily walk for 30 min while watching your favorite show. 

Figure out what physical activities you love to do every day.

Dance, swimming, cycling, tennis, cricket, football, volleyball etc are great choices. Not only are you more likely to do it, but it also adds more fun into your life. 

Just do it, even when you don’t want to.

The most important way to ensure you have time to workout is to do it even when you don’t want to. Those are the days that you need to prove your willpower. 

Consistency is king when it comes to fitness. The more you show up, the more it becomes habit, and the more likely you are to continue. You are stronger than you think. Push yourself, especially when you don’t feel doing like it.

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Written by Sapna Vyas Patel , PhD in Nutrition Science and Dietetics
Sapna writes simple, easy to understand articles that are based on pure scientific evidence. She is one of the most popular fitness professionals in India and is followed on social media by fitness enthusiasts, nutritionists, dieticians, doctors, trainers, and professionals.

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